1. Forever Love
    Oscar G featuring Katiahshé

  2. Thank You Father
    Kings Of Tomorrow

  3. Can You See The Light?

  4. Gabryelle
    DJ Spen presents DJ Technic

  5. Made In Detroit EP

  6. Better Days / Free Yourself
    Jimi Polo

  7. Express Yourself
    Jimi Polo

  8. Living For The Love Of You (David Morales Mixes)
    Jimi Polo

  9. Ordinary People
    Robert Owens

  10. Was I Here Before?
    Robert Owens

  11. Deep Sensation
    Heller & Farley

  12. In Your Bones EP
    Fire Island

  13. Don't Stop
    Soul Vision

  14. If You Should Need A Friend
    Fire Island featuring Mark Anthoni

  15. The Rising Sun
    Heller & Farley

  16. Follow Your Heart
    Kevin Hedge featuring Rick Galactik

  17. We Built This House
    Heller & Farley Project featuring Cevin Fisher

  18. Liquid Interlude
    Kings Of Tomorrow

  19. Burning

  20. Transatlantic EP
    Roach Motel

  21. I Hear My Calling
    Kings Of Tomorrow featuring Sean Grant

  22. Buddah
    DJD featuring Anthony Joseph

  23. Living In Brooklyn
    Product Of Da Neighbourhood

  24. Everyday
    Jose Burgos featuring Kenny Bobien

  25. White Powder Dreams
    Fire Island

  26. Beau Mot Plage

  27. Through The Rain
    Soul Creation featuring Kenny Bobien

  28. Movin' On / The Right Time
    Roach Motel

  29. I Got You
    Mekkah featuring Bryan Chambers

  30. I Wanna Dance With You
    Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos featuring Karen Workman

  31. Magic
    Cevin Fisher

  32. It's Yours
    Jon Cutler featuring E-Man

  33. Love Changes (MK & MAW Mixes)
    MK featuring Alana

  34. There But For The Grace Of God
    Fire Island featuring Love Nelson

  35. Fatal Fatal!
    DJ Pippi presents Pasion Flamenca

  36. Come Into My Room
    Sandy Rivera featuring LT Brown

  37. Illusions
    DJ Dove

  38. Let Me Love You
    Bunny Mack

  39. Lowdown
    Soul Vision

  40. You Better
    Mount Rushmore presents The Knack

  41. Dust and Ashes
    Tooth Faeries

  42. 4 You
    4th Measure Men

  43. Keep Flowing EP
    Sandy Rivera & Jose Burgos present Sanjose

  44. 4 To The Floor presents Classic Music Company Vol.2
    Various Artists

  45. Living In Ecstasy
    Fonda Rae

  46. Second Wind
    Rise Ashen

  47. 4 To The Floor presents Nu Groove
    Various Artists

  48. That's What I Think About / Something Special E
    Eddie Fowlkes

  49. Freedom Train / Love

  50. 4 To The Floor presents Faya Combo
    DJ Gregory

  51. Forever
    Key To Life featuring Sabrina Johnston

  52. I Want To Thank You (The MK Mixes)

  53. 4 To The Floor presents Soulfuric
    Various Artists

  54. Respect
    Michelle Ayers

  55. God Made Me Phunky
    MD X-Spress

  56. 4 To The Floor presents Classic Music Company
    Various Artists

  57. Diamond Life
    Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee starring Julie McKnight

  58. Contemplation
    Josh One

  59. Nobody’s Business

  60. Women Beat Their Men / Hallelujah
    Submission / Cevin Fisher

  61. El Ritmo De Verdad

  62. He Not In
    Chicken Lips

  63. 4 To The Floor presents Slip 'N' Slide

  64. Time & Time Again
    Major Boys featuring Kathy Brown

  65. 4 To The Floor presents Sub-Urban Records
    Various Artists

  66. Sex Life / Free Your Mind
    Geoffrey Williams

  67. 4 To The Floor presents Fourth Floor Records
    Various Artists

  68. Shake It For Me
    The Hydraulic Dogs

  69. 4 To The Floor presents Movin' Records
    Various Artists

  70. 4 To The Floor Volume 02
    Various Artists

  71. 4 To The Floor Volume 01
    Various Artists

  72. For Your Love
    Jose Burgos featuring Kenny Bobien

  73. Express Yourself (Remixes)
    Jimi Polo


4 To The Floor London, UK

“4 To The Floor is very much about selecting music that has stood the test of time. It’s a celebration of house music history.” - Luke Solomon

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